Regional and Area Manager

Simon Barnes and Alexis Legrand

Regional and Area Manager

Simon, Regional Manager of the South

Simon started off as a chef over 20 years ago, became General Manager, and is now a Regional Manager in charge of nine soon to be ten restaurants.

"We look for enthusiastic hard-working people that like to have fun enjoy serving food and passionate about what they do.

Every day is a different challenge, the guys get a lot of enjoyment out of seeing customers enjoying themselves in the restaurant. It's really exciting watching them flourishing and watching them grow with the business. It's hard working in a restaurant and in the kitchen environment but we all do it together as a team.

Opening a restaurant’s a real buzz…when we open a restaurant, our team starts to become part of the community, we get to know our customers very well. It's what makes my job so exciting, travelling around to new towns and new cities meeting new people."

Alexis, Area Manager of the South-West

Alexis worked in different Michelin star restaurants in Paris, then he joined Bistrot Pierre as a waiter and now he is an Area Manager.

"When I was 15 I had an amazing experience in a restaurant and that led me to ask them for job. I was very lucky to work in different Michelin star restaurants in Paris. I decided to come to England to improve my English... My interview at Bistrot Pierre in Nottingham lasted longer than anticipated and I missed my flight. Marylise and John offered me to pay for me for hotel room, I then decided that will be the company for me.

I enjoy to work for Bistrot Pierre from when I was a waiter I was extremely impressed with the fun and the motivation I could have from my manager to work in the restaurant.

Bistrot Pierre offer a great scheme of training. I went myself to all the different training they have including Tricolore, which helped me in terms of my management skills and daily job. 

Bistrot Pierre is a great place to work for opportunities."