Trainee Assistant Manager


Trainee Assistant Manager

Anthony, Trainee Assistant Manager, Nottingham

"18 months ago I came from Belgium to the UK…I used to be a waiter, I became a duty manager then training to be an assistant manager. It is a really friendly atmosphere I even asked my best friend to come over because I find Bistrot Pierre a really good company.

There's not really one way to look after customers you just need to be yourself…and just make the customers enjoy their time. We've got regular customers in Bistrot Pierre so we get to build relationships with them.

We try to train the waiters as much as possible to be a duty manager and then once you’re a duty manager it’s still a few steps to become general manager. Once your management team thinks you can move forward, then they're sending you for openings, they're sending you to courses...I think it's really exciting.

My experience is one of the best experiences I had in my life. If you're really looking for a job in hospitality, I will definitely recommend Bistrot Pierre."