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Rob Green

Name: Rob Green

Position: Waiter at Derby

Joined Company: 2013

I guess I am a bit different to most of my colleagues who work at Le Bistrot Pierre. I work as a waiter in the Derby restaurant and have worked in similar jobs since I was sixteen. I am a musician, and when I moved to the city two years ago, I had just finished university and just needed a job to pay the bills. My previous waiter jobs had been pretty uninspiring and didn’t really motivate me. I was beginning to think that customer service was a dying art and most of us just put up with poor service.

After about a month I realised that this company was different and not like anywhere else I have worked before – they really do care about customer service. Here, everyone does it and everyone understands the importance of it. It’s not just an afterthought; we are all held to the same standards of customer service – it’s our normal behaviour.

So, why does it work for this company? The training is really comprehensive and they have created a supportive environment where you can ask questions and get help when you need it. Natalie, my General Manager is accessible and I see her every day. Everyone here is always looking to improve and you can’t be in this environment and not care.

The job itself is physically demanding as you are on your feet all day, but we are a team and support each other here. The training is tailored to the individual - I have learnt a lot more about food, wine, coffee, and of course what good customer service looks like and why it is important to the restaurant. After all, anyone can have customers, but we have regulars!

So, whilst I may not be here for the long term, especially if my music career really takes off, I know my work is still valued by the company and for me as a performer finding a job that can allow me some flexibility and at the same time I really enjoy is amazing!

At Le Bistrot Pierre in Derby I know my work is valued and it is important to me, but at the same time I am doing my music, so life is good.

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Great food, exceptional service, very good value for money.

Keith Bailey