New Menu Enfants launch

Our new children’s activity pack launches today, created in conjunction with artist Julia Whitehead, it’s packed full of exciting activities including games, puzzles and phrases to help your children learn French.

The new pack is the ideal way to keep the whole family entertained which means you can relax and enjoy your bistrot experience. Children can choose to dine from our Menu Enfants, where they’ll receive a main course, dessert and a drink for only £6.50 – and they may surprise you by ordering in French too…

Julia Whitehead, an established illustrator and mum of two small children, knows all too well how difficult it can be to keep children occupied at the dinner table, so Julia joined us in creating an activity pack that will encourage our younger customers to be more creative and learn a little French at the same time.

Julia worked with the Bistrot Pierre Marketing Team, researching the activities, stories and entertainment that are of interest to children, along with listening and learning from the children’s feedback from our previous pack.

The new activity pack contains 14 pages of entertainment including a new, hand-drawn ‘Ou est Pierre’; Bistrot Pierre’s own version of ‘Where’s Wally’. This centre-piece is based on the bustle of Paris, with French shop names and landmarks including the Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe. Also within the pack is a two-page spread of popular questions and answers children can use in the bistrot and order their meals in French.

Bistrot Pierre invited nine children aged 7 –11 from the Mere Green Primary School to sample the two-course menu and try out the new children’s pack.

“It has a lot of activities so you don’t have to sit and wait for the food you can entertain yourself. While you are doing the activities, you get to learn a bit of French as well.” Were the children’s comments.

Now available across all our 20 restaurants, we hope the new packs will make mealtimes more fun for children and adults.

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